Hair Courses

Hair Courses :

If hair is your passion, and you feel in control and powerful with a scissor in one hand and comb in another, then this is the field to be in. We have various short term and long term certificate courses in hair fulfilling your every requirement to become a magician hair stylist creating different looks with a help of a humble dryer and mousse.

Cetirficate course in Hair science and terminology

Duration: 1week

Hair science (Types, Texture, Density, Scalp, Structure of hair, Hair growth cycle, pH balance, Keratins)
Hair terminology (Parting & Section, Elevation, Distribution, Cut)
Recognising types of face to create a haircut accordingly

Certificate course in Barbering

Duration:2 weeks

Introduction to hair
Knowledge of hair types , textures and density
Introduction to styling
Personalizing techniques
Haircut checklist (client care during service)
Demo and hands on (Graduated layers, Vertical layers, Texture crop, Clipper cut)

Certificate course in Female long haircut

Duration : 4 weeks

Introduction to hair industry
Hair science
Hair wash & shampooing
Introduction to hairdressing tools
Hair styling (Blow dry, Ironing, Tong, Crimping)
Personalizing techniques
Haircuts (One length, One length variation, Forward graduation, Natural inversion, Square layer, Round layers)

Certificate course in Short haircut

Duration: 3 weeks

Introduction to hair science
Hair terminology
Hair wash & shampooing
Introduction to styling
Haircuts (Classic bob, Graduated bob, Graduated layers, Vertical layers)

Certificate course in Colour basics

Duration: 2 weeks

Introduction to colour terminology
Introduction to pigments
Levels of colour and undertones
Reflects , mixing ratio and grey coverage
Highlights technique
Hands on : weaving and colouring techniques for all haircut types.

Diploma Course inHairdressing

Duration:18 weeks

Professional ethics & salon hygiene
Health and safety
Hair science
Hair wash & shampooing
Temporary styling (Ironing, Blowdry, Hot roller, Tongs, Crimping)

Haircuts ( 10 classic haircuts)

Hair colour (Terminology, Pigments, Levels of color & undertones, Reflects, mixing and grey coverage, Highlights)
Permanent styling (Rebonding & Smoothening)
Cysteine treatments
Menu card services
Product retail / homecare
Soft-skill / communication
Self grooming
Client consultation
Hands-on practice on live models
Professionaltraining workshop (Fit for colors, Texture Services, Care & Style)

Certificate Course in Hairdressing

1. Hair Science.

2. Terminology

3. Shampooing

4. Styling ( Ironing ,tonging Blow Dry )

5. Haircuts

6. Color ( Color Theory , Global root Touch up , Basic Highlighting Technique)

7. Texture ( Smoothning &Rebonding )

8. Keratin

9. Head massage